Slide 18.Empyema, Gallbladder

A. Brief Descriptions

  1. Present of pus in the lumen of the gallbladder.

B. Gross Findings

  1. Present of macroscopically identifiable pus in the lumen of the gallbladder.

  2. Wall is thickened & has a rubbery & yielding appearance.

C. Micro Findings

  1. Mucosal ulceration with acute & chronic inflammatory infiltration.

  2. Entrapped bile stones with abscess formation & foreign body type multinucleated giant cells.

D. Others:


E. Reference

  1. Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease, 6th ed.  P.896.




Fig. 18-1 (LP)



Fig. 18-2 (LP)



Fig. 18-3 (LP)



Fig. 18-4 (LP)



Fig. 18-5 (LP)



Fig. 18-6 (LP)Foreign body giant cells.



Fig. 18-7 (LP)Foreign body giant cells.