Slide 10.Hemosiderin (hemochromatosis), Liver

A. Brief Descriptions

  1. Hemochromatosis : the excessive accumulation of body iron (most in liver and pancreas).

  2. Cause: (1)genetic or (2)secondary.

B. Gross Findings

  1. Enlarged(slight), brown to chocolate brown, firm liver(cirrhosis).

C. Micro Findings

  1. Early: normal liver architecture, brown or golden yellow hemosiderin in peri-portal hepatocytes.(zone 1).

  2. Later: more general distribution of hemosiderin in hepatocytes & Kupffer cells, most in peri-portal zone, increasing fibrosis & lymphocytic infiltration along portal areas, then diffuse irregular fibrosis, cirrhosis.

D. Others:

  1. 病理組織重點:Brown or golden yellow hemosiderin in hepatocytes.

E. Reference

  1. Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease, 6th ed.  P.873-875.




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