Slide 62.Squamous cell carcinoma, Tongue

A. Brief Descriptions

  1. Associated with smoking, drinking or beanut chewing.

B. Gross Findings

  1. In the early stage, cancer may appear as raised, firm, pearly plaques or as irregular roughened or verrucous areas of mucosal thickening.

  2. As the lesion enlarge, they may create a protruding masses or undergo central necrosis, rimmed by elevated , firm, rolled borders.

C. Micro Findings

  1. Keratin pearl formation, prickle cell differentiation, & a strong host response (lymphocytes, plasma cells....).

  2. Ill-defined (infiltrated) tumor arise from the mucosa into muscular layers with dense inflammation.

  3. Downward growth of cancer cells with keratin-pearls formation.

  4. Cytological atypia: nuclear hyperchromatism, cellular pleomorphism.

  5. intercellular bridge is found within well-differentiated tumor nest.

D. Others:


E. Reference:

  1. Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease, 6th ed.  P.760 ~ 761.




Fig. 62-1 (LP)Cancer nests arise from mucosa and invade to the muscle layer with keratin peal formation.




Fig. 62-2 (LP)Tumor nests with keratin pearl formation(arrows).




Fig. 62-3 (HP)】Dyskeratotic cells(arrows) with pyknotic nucleus and deep pink cytoplasm.




Fig. 62-4 (HP)Poorly-differentiated cancer cells without obvious keratinization.These tumor cells have hyperchromatic nuclei and distinct nucleoli.