Chapter 13 The Kidney

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glomerulonephritis: an inflammation of the glomerulus that may involve an increase in the number of endogenous cells or in their extracytoplasmic matrix, or infiltration with exogenous cells, or both

  • "Focal" is taken to mean less than 70% of glomeruli affected. (in a given histological section)

  • "Diffuse": 70% or more glomeruli affected.

  • "Segmental": a portion or lobule the glomerular tuft showing obliteration of capillary lumens by disease.

  • "Global": all portion of a given glomerular tuft capillary obliteration.


¡mSlide 124.¡nRapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, Kidney

¡mSlide 125.¡nBenign nephrosclerosis with malignant change, Kidney

¡mSlide 126.¡nNodular glomerulosclerosis, Kidney

¡mSlide 127.¡nChronic glomerulonephritis, Kidney

¡mSlide 128b.¡nContracted kidney, Kidney

¡mSlide 129.¡nHydronephrosis, Kidney

¡mSlide 130.¡nChronic pyelonephritis, Kidney

¡mSlide 131.¡nTubular necrosis with severe shock, Kidney

¡mSlide 132.¡nRenal cell carcinoma, Kidney

¡mSlide 133.¡nSquamous cell carcinoma, Kidney

¡mSlide 134.¡nWilms' tumor, Kidney

¡mSlide 210.¡nAngiomyolipoma, Kidney